Paulrhythms is the solo project of Peruvian born, Berlin-based singer-songwriter, musician and producer Paul Hoyle Gutierrez.  

Surrounded by music from an early age and touched by the afroperuvian rhythms, he became a young cajón player. He got the opportunity to play next to percussionists like Alex Acuña, Juan Medrano Cotito, Leslie Patten, Maria Del Carmen Dongo and Laura Robles, who introduced him to the bass guitar. Soon after that, Hoyle became a cajón and bass player for bands like Wavestones, Big Pollo Funk, Desiré Mandrile and Chicha Morais, getting the chance to share stage with Donavon Frankenreiter, Jenny Berggren (Ace of Base) and known peruvian artists like We the Lion, Susana Baca, Laguna Pai, Cumbia All Stars and more.    

While being in several bands, studying and traveling, he decided to start his solo project inspired by nature and his own experiences. Using mainly self-taught guitar skills and his voice to compose, he gathered his other influences into songs that could bring him inner peace. He performed it in Thailand, Mexico and in a large number of venues in Lima, Cusco and Piura, in Peru. In 2017 he recorded bass for the debut album of Peru 70, a Lima based Afro-Jazz band. As part of their release tour they performed at the Lima Jazz Festival, the National Opera House and collaborated with well known musicians from the community such as Giacomo Novella and Pudy Ballumbrosio.  

In 2018, inspired by Susana Baca’s unique afro peruvian fusion, Indie Folk songwriters like José González and others mentioned before he decided to make his debut album called Tiempo Libre. This album explores the mixtures of indie folk’s soundscapes with Afro Peruvian beats. It includes songs in English and Spanish and features the English philosopher Alan Watts.  

Right after releasing Tiempo Libre, Hoyle moved to the magnetic city of Berlin and has since been touring Germany. In 2019 he was invited to play in Sofar Munich, Nuremberg and Berlin and organized 3 different tours around Germany that included cities like Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden and Cologne. During this year he continued collaborating as a bass player and recorded on Linus Cuno’s debut album and Jem Bosatta, Timo Pankau and Tess Daniel singles. 

During 2020 he became part of "Out Of Time Embassy”, a multicultural collective of curators producing conversation and curiosity about art and culture in Berlin. Gutierrez joined as bass player for the  outdoor pop up concerts such as Sonic In (ter) ventions organized during the summer after the first lockdown, when there were no concerts or tours. Later he became a producer and assistant project manager for specific projects. In 2021 they put together a two-day Festival called Lucy Lameck x Sonic Interventions that celebrated and reflected on the renaming of the previous Wissmannstrasse into Lucy Lameck straße in Neukölln. This project was supported by Oyoun and Music Board Berlin. They have also played at the Humboldt Forum’s Open Air Festival, Mama Afrika Festival at Yaam, and collaborated with organizations such as Cabuwazi, Oyoun Berlin, Cashmere Radio and Onebeat (US) , growing their local and international community. This collective includes artists like dumama + kechou, Abasé, Pachakuti and Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange. 

Last year Hoyle collaborated as a bass player with bands like Douniah, Skyline Sun, Sonic Interventions and played at X Jazz Berlin, Elbphilharmonie’s Hope n Air Festival, Huxleys Neue Welt among others. He was also featured on Berta.Berlin with a live session recorded at Gretchen Club with his trio. The concert was live streamed as part of Fete de la Musique 2021 and is now available online. In October, the 3-time Latin Grammy Award Winner, Susana Baca, released her last album called “Palabras Urgentes'' where Hoyle recorded backing vocals in ''Sorongo” and ''Vestida de Vida”. This album was produced by Michael League and released on Peter Gabriel’s label Real World Records. 

Paul is currently working on two EPs.